Blythewood Landscape Management

Landscape Management

Turf Care 

A vibrant, healthy turf makes your property look great. By keeping it well-maintained, you will protect it from pests and build resistance to weed growth. Every property manager wants their turf looking perfectly green and free of weeds. With proper maintenance, we will craft a landscape you can be proud of. You can expect the following services performed during the year. 

  • Pre-emergent weed control turf application ~ performed during the start of spring, the application eliminates weeds at the earliest stage of growth, before they are seen. 
  • Post-emergent control turf application ~ throughout growing season, Round Up application is applied to kill weeds in mulch beds, walkaways and parking lots. 
  • Turf fertilization ~ We begin to fertilize your turf late spring as the grass starts growing fastest during these periods. 
  • Lawn aeration and over-seeding ~ Your turf requires nutrients and oxygen to survive and thrive. By over-seeding, you will increase the thickness of grass.

Spring Cleanups

When it is time for your commercial landscape maintenance spring cleanup, we have the experience and equipment to do it right. Property owners understand the importance of “curb appeal” and know that spring cleanup and applying mulch is very important for the look and well being of their property. It is one of the major services we offer to our commercial clients, accounting for up to 30 percent of a commercial landscape maintenance contract. It includes the following:

  • Pruning ~ We will prune and cut back you Knock Out roses, perennials, perennial grasses, shrubs and trees that have their flowers grow from new wood. Trimming will enable the perennials to bloom more successfully the next season. This step is important for your landscape to optimize both airflow and sunlight to keep your plants and the crowns of flowering trees healthy. 
  • Edging ~ We will give your beds and property lines a clean and finished look by installing edging around all your landscape beds and between landscape / hardscape boundary areas. 
  • Debris Cleanup ~ Throughout the season, naturally occurring debris will accumulate on the property. We will clear areas of debris including large and small twigs and overgrown weeds.  

Flower Rotations

If you think of your property as a Christmas tree, the flowers and plantings are the ornaments which make it stand out. We’ll work with you to design a great landscape and recommend which flowers to plant together. Planting flowers is both science and art. While the goal is having flowers and plantings that have great curb appeal, we must account for proper sunlight, slope of the land and irrigation. Flowers and plantings take place during two parts of your maintenance schedule. 

Summer Flower Rotation: May – June 

Annual Flower Rotation: September – October 

Click here to view our selection for summer flowers and tropicals. 

Leaf Cleanups

Fall is widely considered the most beautiful season here in the greater D.C. and Baltimore area. With vibrant leaves and cool air, we are signaled for a change in season. This, of course, means that leaves will start to fall and accumulate throughout your property. Our expectation is to have properties cleaned of leaves by the holidays (weather permitting). We offer different options for your leaf cleanup.

  • Leaves can either be blown into wooded areas (if available).
  • Leaves can be mulched up with the mowers (in low visibility areas). 
  • Leaves can be vacuumed up and completely removed off site (high visibility areas). 

Shrub & Ornamental 

We make sure your shrubs are healthy and prepared for the changing of each season. Shrub trimming is scheduled throughout the season depending on the species of shrub and its surrounding habitat. Selective pruning is carefully performed to maintain the natural or existing shape of each shrub according to its blooming cycle. 


Irrigation systems are very important in providing water to maintain a healthy landscape. Our DC area weather can be very harsh during the summers with high temperatures and infrequent rain at times. This can make it difficult to provide the necessary amount of water your landscape needs to stay healthy and beautiful. Choosing an efficient irrigation system will take care of the appearance and health of your landscape and can result in substantial savings in water usage.