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Tree Services


Tree Planting

We are able and eager to plant different species of trees, especially upon removal of a dead tree. If you are interested in making your property a greener place, be sure to contact us for more information on tree planting options. Sustaining your property through bright and healthy tree and plant life is of utmost importance to us. 


Pruning & Trimming

This is the selective removal or trimming of certain parts of a tree, in order to preserve its health and longevity. The process is carefully done to nurture a tree that may need a bit of TLC. 

Lower branches are sometimes removed from the trunk to prevent animals from eating at them. Pruning also improves the appearance of the upper branches of the tree (the crown) along with the appearance of a landscape overall. Visit our blog post to learn more about our tree pruning procedures.  


Tree Removal

Unfortunately, tree removal is sometimes the best alternative for conserving the safety and health of a property. Our overriding mission is to facilitate a healthy landscape, that is both attractive and encourages proper growth of trees and plants. Nevertheless, dying trees should be removed if their branches become hazardous or if they have the potential to infect a neighboring tree. For example, many Ash Trees in our region are dying due to a beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer. Removal of specific trees that are infected, prevents the death of more trees as well as hazardous branches.


Stump Grinding

After removal, we are equipped to remove the tree stump and leave a fresh spread of grass behind as if nothing ever happened. Safety is our main focus during tree removal, as we will always perform the work in a confined space with proper gear and procedures.